Reliability, quality and vision

To the challenged posed by the ever-evolving requirements of the firearms manufacturing field as well as to our client’s rigorous demands related to product performance we choose to answer through quality, innovation and continuous modernization.

  • In recent years the complexity of services and products delivered by Nova Modul has reached new heights given our constant focus on continuous self-improvement. Currently, Nova Modul production is carried out at a state of the art facility with high-end CNC machines and dedicated personnel adhering strictly to the ISO 9001/2015 quality management standard.
  • We are focused on continuous growth and improvement, always looking to expand the range of products and accessories we offer.

Adaptability to special projects by providing complete solutions.


In the small town of Cugir, located at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, the tradition of building firearms stretches back to the beginning of the last century. We proudly continue this tradition and look back to our heritage as a source of inspiration for the future.

Made in Cugir, Romania

About Us

Brief History

Our company starts its journey in 1994, in the town of Cugir, a town with a long history of firearms manufacturing in Romania. So far, our company remains the first and only weapons manufacturer in Romania that is fully owned by private citizens.

Transitioning from its original set goal of producing metal parts for the automotive industry the company first begun producing magazines and other firearm parts. It wasn’t long until, given the local tradition, the company begun to fully manufacture and assemble complete firearms.

Our company’s path towards today’s standards of technological achievement, quality and reliability has always been a priority. Whether it’s adhering to ISO standards, using the most advanced tools available, implementing new technologies or constant research and personnel training we aim to evolve and change from the company we are today to the company our clients in the firearms industry will require tomorrow.

Our products are the embodiment of our commitment and values. They represent a statement regarding our attention to the tactical realities of today blended with our client’s needs. The finished products will meet the highest standard and perform according to the most stringent expectations.

We are proud to continue this long technical history through the designing and manufacturing of competitive products and solutions that our client can rely on when it matters.